October 12th

At Ayr Hill Equestrian Park. Gates Open 6am. Course Walks at 7.15am. Rings commence 7.30am sharp.

ISJ Rules & FAQs


ISJ Rules are based on those used by the EFA (which by extension are FEI rules).


ISJ's height classes are as defined in the Entry Form. No grading cards are required. The school equestrian co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that their school's students enter at the appropriate ISJ Level - which is why the co-ordinator needs to sign each Entry Form their school. In the interests of safety our Officials will intervene should they consider any combination to be over-faced at ISJ events.


EVENT DEFINITIONS (Two Phase, Grand Prix)



ARTICLE 274 (5.3)
A competition comprising two phases run without interruption. The finishing line for the first phase is the starting line for the second phase. There will be eight or nine fences in the first phase, and four, five or six fences in the second phase including one combination.
Competitors incurring a penalty in the first phase, or exceeding the time allowed, will be halted
by the bell after completing the first phase. Competitors will be placed according to their penalties and time in the second phase and, if necessary, to their penalties and time in the first phase.


ARTICLE 261 (5.2)
This competition is designed to encourage better jumping by making performance over obstacles the principal factor. The competition consists of two rounds, plus a Jump-Off for a limited number of riders.

ROUND 1: All riders take part in Round One with ten, eleven or twelve obstacles, including at least one combination. The “Time Allowed” is calculated using a speed of 275m/min for “Freshman”, 300 m/min for “Improvers” & “Progressive” and 325 m/min for “Advanced” & “Stars” . Time penalties apply if the “Time Allowed” is exceeded (1 penalty per four seconds or part thereof). The “Time Limit” is twice the “Time Allowed”. Any rider exceeding the “Time Limit” is eliminated.

ROUND 2: All riders, including those who were eliminated or who retired during Round One, may take part in Round Two. Riders ride the same course with the same obstacles (excepting that the number of obstacles in Round Two may be reduced to a minimum of eight) in the same draw order as for Round One, excepting that all obstacles in Round Two are raised 5cm. Time penalties again apply.

JUMP-OFF: All riders who have ridden two clear rounds take part in the Jump-Off, plus all others with the least number of penalties so that at least 25% of the field participate. The Jump-Off will consist of a minimum of six obstacles, including a combination. All obstacles in the Jump-Off are raised a further 5cm. Riders in the Jump-Off, ride in reverse order to their aggregate penalties and, if on equal penalties, to their time incurred in Round Two.

PLACINGS: Riders who take part in the Jump-Off, are placed according to their aggregate
penalties, including their penalties in Round One and Round Two which are carried forward into the Jump-Off, and, if on equal penalties, to their time incurred in the Jump-Off. The remaining riders are placed according to their aggregate penalties in Round One and Round Two and, if on equal penalties, to their time incurred in Round Two.